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I don’t know where I’m going but I know it won’t be boring
/ David Bowie

What we do

Big Sync Music is the world’s first global, full service, creative music licensing agency to work directly for brands and ad agencies.

Our unique model consolidates the music licensing, creation and strategy of global companies through one unified hub. This tried and tested blueprint delivers our clients’ concentrated buying power, creative continuity, centralised data reporting and a consistency of process that protects them from the often confusing world of music synchronisation.


Since inception in 2013, Big Sync has been grounded by five guiding principles:

  1. 1. The music must come first

    Great music is not about convenience, ease or “that did the job last time.”  Its about making consistently engaging songs that audiences can love and relate to.

    This is the first and foremost thought in all that we do,  everything else is secondary.

  2. 2. Respect the talent

    The best partnerships are always the ones where everybody wins.

    We are lucky enough to work in a great community of brands, advertising agencies and musicians.

    Our job is to make sure that all parties come together to create game changing work.

  3. 3. Brands are people too

    Brands aren’t just companies. They are people. They have personalities, feelings, ideals.

    They are story tellers,  have their own voice and when they sing their songs should be true to that persona.

    Placing a fitting piece of music on an ad is easy but creating something that successfully portrays everything that the brand stands for, now that’s where the magic happens.

  4. 4. Ideas can come from anywhere

    Inspiration can come from the strangest places and it isn’t always where you think.  Flexibility is key to creativity and we are open to all ideas as we strive to make your campaign sound beautiful.  From the CEO to the girl in accounts to Penry the mild mannered janitor, we’re not afraid to draw inspiration from people, objects and even cartoon superheroes.

  5. 5. Think Big

    We want our clients to set their standards high. To think out of box, break the mould, try something new. TEST. US.

    We love a challenge and the bigger the idea the better. Seriously, bring it on.

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